Dolliver Street

Dolliver Street

This shot was taken from the front porch of my flat, looking north along the Pacific Coast Highway, known as Dolliver Street downtown, early one morning. The day began a dense steel grey, with little if any sun penetrating the marine layer, and by 7:30 am I chalked it up to a lost cause as the seasons are changing, and overcast is a common theme around here. While my head was buried in Moby Dick (still slogging through it), I caught this magnificent soft yellow light piercing the fog out of the corner of my eye, it was falling on the houses and apartments on the next block creating the effect of shining a flashlight on them.. I was hoping to capture a bit more of the natural depth the color contrast offered, but wasn’t able to get the detail panning out farther (I’m sooting with a 6 year old fixed lens Cannon), so the effect of the larger environment was lost a little. If you look closely, the right mid/background gives you an idea of the stark contrast, and even more shocking, was its concentration.

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