A Global Future for Local Artisans

The recent emergence of a new breed of social entrepreneur, with fortunes gleamed from tech start-ups, has allowed technological know-how and

Decorative dishes sold at an artist collective

global social consciousness to morph into a formidable ally for the global poor. GlobeIN, one of the organizations at the forefront of this movement, is creating a worldwide link between countries, continents, and people – with a mission to make the world more open, more connected, and fair for all of its citizens.

The website offers insight into the artisan‘s life through interviews and video. Clients are able to browse through a list of active participants, and choose goods based on life stories and perceived need, akin to the model employed by KIVA. Once the artisan has been selected, and the product chosen, payment is delivered through Paypal.

For the moment, GlobeIN is working on the short-term economic stability of participating households. As funding increases, and quality of life increases, the program’s scope will be expanded to include a wider range benefits. Continue reading